At Pure Vive Med Spa we are relentless about helping you look and feel your best.  We're pleased to offer these curated, value-enhanced packages, providing you an exceptionally new experience.

Renew $3200

Treatments: Bi-weekly

Program: 10-12 weeks

  • ZO® Kit + SPF

  • RF Microneedle x3

  • RF Tripollar® x6

Our Renew package provides the very latest in skin tightening to achieve a more youthful appearance.  ZO Skin Health products are used to help achieve and maintain optimal skin health.  A revolutionary RF Microneedling treatment combined with TriPollar® RF technology that thermally ablates the epidermis to induce controlled micro-wounds.  Together this results in an all new resurfacing technique of the upper skin layers for instant results, and deeper stimulation of collagen and elastin for sustainable, more youthful results.

The Luxe $2900

Treatments: Bi-weekly

Program: 12-15 weeks

  • ZO® Kit + SPF

  • RF Microneedle x3

  • Platinum HydraFacial® x4

Our Luxe package combines the benefits of improved skin clarity while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.  ZO Skin Health products are used to help achieve and maintain optimal skin health.  Our RF Microneedling solution stimulates regeneration of collagen and elastin, to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and even scarring.  Finally, experience our most advanced Platinum HydraFacial, complete with Lymphatic therapy, cleansing, exfoliation, extracting, hydration and LED Light Therapy for complete skin rejuvenation. 

Reflections $1200

Treatments: Bi-weekly

Program: 8 weeks

  • ZO® Kit + SPF

  • Platinum HydraFacial® x4

The Reflections package is designed for those who want to focus on brighter, smoother, more vibrant skin.  ZO Skin Health products are used to help achieve and maintain optimal skin health.  Our most advanced Platinum HydraFacial® treatment starts with detoxification and Lymphatic therapy, followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, extracting and hydration of the skin while addressing your specific skin concerns with a specially formulated booster. Each treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce visible signs of aging.

Début $775

Treatments: Monthly

Program: 12 weeks

  • ZO® Kit + SPF

  • Peels x3

We are pleased to offer our Début package, combining the benefits of a ZO Skin Health Kit tuned for your specific needs, with the ZO 3-Step Peel process.  This package offers a professionally-applied, cost-effective solution, to combat the signs of aging, dull skin, sun damage, Melasma, texture, and even acne.  Each 3-Step Peel process includes an application for exfoliation, an application of Retinol Creme for firming & wrinkle reduction, and an application for calming to minimize inflammation and restore moisture balance of the skin.

Revive $550

Treatments: Bi-weekly

Program: 2-4 weeks

  • IV Blend x2

  • Signature HydraFacial® x2

Core to the Pure Vive philosophy, our Revive package is designed to help you look and feel your best inside and out.  Our Signature HydraFacial® applies deep facial cleansing, gentle resurfacing, extracting of debris, and re-hydration with antioxidants and hydrators.  This package also includes a selection from our IV Hydration blends, specially formulated to promote Skin Health, Immunity, Recovery, or Beauty.  A truly unique treatment making you feel radiant from within.

Customize any package with add-ons that compliment treatments, improve health, and prolong results.


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