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4 Benefits Of IV Hydration

Staying hydrated is key to your overall health and wellness. Not only is hydration key to your internal organs, it’s also the best way to keep your skin healthy. But instead of getting IV hydration only when you’re very ill, more and more people are turning to IV hydration as a preventative measure and to improve their skin. Here are four ways IV hydration helps us look and feel our best.

Water Alone Doesn’t Keep Us Truly Hydrated

Water is nature’s miracle and definitely helps us get hydrated, but we also need electrolytes and other nutrients to achieve full hydration. IV Hydration allows the body to absorb nutrients and fluids without relying on the digestive system. It creates less waste than drinking just water and allows the body to retain more of the nutrients it needs.

Speeds Up Recovery Time

Some days we feel sluggish, especially after a long run, a great workout, chasing our kids all day or if we’ve had a few cocktails the day before. Part of the reason is that we’re dehydrated. Hydration is key to avoiding that sluggish feeling, and for reducing muscle soreness. IV Hydration’s mixture of electrolytes and nutrients helps us recover faster.

Immunity Boost

Especially during the colder months, our immune system works hard to fight off common illnesses. IV Hydration can be customized for immunity, which puts the vitamins and minerals you need directly into your bloodstream. Far more effective than oral supplements, this blend includes immunity-boosting compounds to give your immune system the help it needs to fight off germs.

Speeds Up Metabolism

When IV Hydration is combined with a Vitamin B12 injection, it improves our mood, energy levels and boosts immunity. A series of four injections stimulate weight loss. Vitamin B12 helps convert your body’s fat and protein into energy, and because it’s injected instead of in pill form, it skips the digestion process and goes directly into your bloodstream giving you a quick boost of its benefits.

Did you know you don’t have to be treated in a doctor’s office for IV hydration or B12 injections? At Pure Vive Med Spa, our experienced, board-certified nurse practitioners, Lindsey Carter and Katie Walker, specialize in IV Rehydration and Nutrition Therapy to infuse your body with essential vitamins. Book your free consultation today! For tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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