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What To Expect From A Lip Filler Treatment

If you are considering lip fillers and want to know what to expect from the procedure, you’re in the right place! Lip fillers are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that allows you to achieve fuller, more defined lips that are soft to the touch. There are three stages to the process: pre-procedure, the procedure itself and post-procedure.


The process starts with an initial consultation with your medical provider during which you’ll discuss your goals and options. It’s important to be honest about your goals, whether you’d like a small increase, more definition or a significant increase in size. Your medical provider can also advise you on what would best suit your natural features.

The Procedure

The next step is the injection. After you discuss your goals, it’s time to start the procedure. The medical provider will apply a topical numbing cream to reduce discomfort. Then, they’ll inject the lip filler with precision until the goal you’ve discussed is met. Sometimes meeting this goal may mean that you’ll need more than one session.

During the injection, you may feel slight pain or a pinching feeling, which is normal. At Pure Vive, our medical providers also use distraction techniques to help relieve discomfort.


Immediately after the procedure, there will be initial swelling and bruising. This is completely normal and will begin to fade during the next two weeks. We ask you to avoid makeup, as well as blood thinners, such as Ibuprofen and alcohol, for 48-72 hours.

For the first week after the procedure, avoid flying in an airplane, as well as strenuous exercises that cause extreme sweating and a significantly increased heart rate. And remember to it’s always important to stay hydrated to help in healing.

Overall, the side effects of lip filler treatments are minimal. With proper care, the results can last up to one year or longer.

Ready To Make Your Lip Filler Appointment?

Pure Vive Med Spa uses Restylane and Juvederm lip filler products, which we feel deliver the best results. Ready to schedule your free consultation? Contact us! For tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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