What To Look For In A Medical Spa

Heading to a medical spa is an exciting experience, and it’s a choice you don’t want to make lightly. While most of the treatments are minimally invasive, when it comes to your skin and your health, you need to take caution to make sure you’re getting the best care possible. There have been some fairly frightening stories lately about botched procedures at certain other spas, so we decided to share some tips about exactly what to look for and what questions to ask to make sure you stay safe.

First, you should know that any reputable provider will not think poorly of you for asking questions. In fact, they’ll be happy you’ve thought about your treatment and want to make sure you’re comfortable. If you get the feeling your provider is evasive or annoyed about answering your questions, that’s your cue to make an appointment somewhere else.

During your consultation, ask your providers about their training. Where did they receive their certification? What exact certification do they have? How many procedures have they performed? What education have they received after their certification? Do they have actual before-and-after photos to show you? If you’re getting dermal fillers, be sure to ask where the provider sourced the products. It is absolutely imperative that the provider uses reputable products sourced from the USA.

After you’re satisfied with the answers, the next step is to discuss your goals and options. Did your provider ask you your goals? If not, that’s a huge point of concern.

A quality provider will want to know your goals and after an in-person consultation, can tell you an estimate of how close you can get to reaching those goals. Depending on the treatment and goals, it may take several sessions. This is perfectly normal, especially when it comes to laser hair removal or some goals with microneedling.

Also, every provider should let you know how long to expect your results to last, and how you should feel immediately after the treatment. Ask your provider what to do in case you have a concern later that day or even a few months down the road. Some procedures can cause a little downtime. While this is also perfectly normal, you need to know what to expect so you can tell if something out of the ordinary happens.

During filler treatments, emergencies are rare as long as you are treated by an educated injector who uses reputable products. These can happen sometimes with the best injectors and are just part of the possibilities with fillers. However, all injectors should have an emergency kit to handle these rare situations. If your injector isn’t prepared, that’s a sign you’re not at a quality med spa. Always ask to see your injector’s emergency kit before your treatment.

You should note that when it comes to medical spas, cheaper isn't always better. The procedures we do here at Pure Vive Med Spa are treated as medical procedures; that's why we have routine follow-ups. You wouldn’t go to your primary care office and get a new medication without a follow-up, right? We believe the same is true for our treatments, procedures and plans.

At Pure Vive Med Spa, our experienced, board-certified nurse practitioners, Lindsey Carter and Katie Walker, are happy to walk you through our safety procedures and answer all of your questions during your initial consultation because our med spa takes your care and comfort seriously. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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